5 friske nudges til kontoret

I sidste uge delte iNudgeyou teamet ud af lidt nudges, som de selv bruger med stor effekt på kontoret – de skal ikke forblive i min indbakke – så her kommer de:

1. Walk and talk meeting-nudge

Pelle Guldborg Hansen talks quite a lot about how to nudge people to exercise while not cutting down on work- or family time. A particular interesting nudge of his is the walk and talk meeting-nudge. Meetings are already scheduled and mostly they consist of people starring at each other whilst discussing a subject and clicking or chewing on their pen. So, instead, walk and talk.
With your smartphone at hand, you can bring almost everything you need for your meeting. The benefits? Being active while thinking makes you more sharp and gives you more energy for the rest of the day – making it a win/win situation.

2. Change into running-clothes

Andreas Maaløe Jespersen once provided me a nudge that changed my running routines: whenever you get home, then why not just change into running-clothes? When I come home, I usually change my clothes anyway, so it is no stress for me to change into my, rather comfortable, running clothes. This does not mean that I have to go jogging – at least that is what I am telling myself, every time I am putting it on. But once I am wearing it, the chances are that I am getting out there.

Additionally, keeping your running clothes ‘at display’, so you see it getting up Sunday morning or when you get back home from the office, works as a reminder to actually putting it on.

Bettina Therese: Jeg har netop delt denne “Change into running clothes” med min gode kollega Eva Schmidt, som arbejder med stress og trivsel. Eva praktiserer at have løbetøjet med i bilen – eks. på kundebesøg, hvor turen hjem går forbi en dejlig skov. Næste gang, jeg skal forbi Vejle en fredag eftermiddag, vil jeg tage en afstikker, hoppe i træningstøjet og nyde den friske natur mens de andre sidder i kø på motorvejen…. og med go’ samvittighed give plads til, at weekenden kan starte med rødvin og peanuts…

3. Elevating adjustable desk

Karsten Schmidt has managed to create a new habit: elevating the height adjustable desk to a standing position every time he goes to lunch, a meeting or home from work. This makes him stand up by the desk whenever he comes back. The elevated desk also makes it easier for the cleaning staff to clean under his desk.

4. Water on the desk

Katrine Lund Skov, has always been really bad at remembering to drink enough water, why she started placing a jug of water on the desk. According to Karsten, this is an efficient drink-more-water-nudge, although he “suffers” from having to go to the bathroom all the time… For Katrine this is just an extra bonus nudge; besides all the benefits coming from drinking water (for instance purifying your blood of waste products) the added fluid intake make people like Karsten go for short walks back and forth from the washroom. This is especially good for desk-workers, since sitting down for too long is bad for your blood circulation.

5. Afternoon beer

Simon Maaløe Jespersen makes the office atmosphere much more joyful with one of his routines. When we are talking about health, we are more often than not referring to physical health, forgetting the importance of mental health. Simon, on the other hand, is quite good at making us all remember our social well-being at work. See, Simon reminds us to have Friday afternoon beer together!

Go’ fornøjelse …..